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And, it’s not just that the Jews are back in the land, but that they are back in existence again as a nation. Other than maybe China and Russia, every world leader has been screaming out, “We’ve got to make a peace treaty in the Middle East!

”One of these political peacniks is actually going to become the Antichrist. That’s roughly about eight prophecies concerning Israel, and there are a whole ton more just concerning the Jewish people. What are the odds of just eight prophecies coming to pass in the life of just one man?

And that’s exactly how it went down, on May 14, 1948, at 4 pm to be exact. Around 926 BC, the Northern Kingdom of Israel, comprised of the ten tribes of the north, split from the two down south, with the latter becoming the nation of Judah. The first time in 2,900 years the Jewish people are back in the land, and as a united nation with all the tribes living under one flag.

The people’s council made the declaration that the State of Israel was to be established. Not only would Israel become a nation again, but a united nation of all the tribes that once comprised Israel and Judah. The Bible also prophesies about future Temple services, and how Israel would be using their ancient currency — the shekel — once more.

Billy Crone, pastor of a Las Vegas, Nevada church and founder of Get A Life Ministries.

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How then can some skeptics claim there are no indicators that we’re getting closer to the day of the Rapture? Remember, what’s the event that starts the seven-year Tribulation? That means the nation of Israel must come back on the scene for the Tribulation to start because the nation becomes a major key player in end time prophecies.

That’s why the Church will not be living in the Tribulation, because that time has not been ordained for the Church, but for the unbelieving world.

The Tribulation is the time of Jacob’s trouble, not the Church’s trouble.

The Tribulation exists as the final week of Gentile rule according to Daniel.

Gentiles rule over the Jewish people, and that is where the seven-year Tribulation comes from.

Daniel prophesies the Antichrist will make a treaty with who? Israel also must build the Third Temple so that the Antichrist half-way into the Tribulation can enter the building and declare himself to be God. They’re driven to forge a peace treaty in the Middle East.