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MTF Lambda-12 ("Kinkshamers") are tasked with carrying out Procedure Delta-B if necessary; only Foundation employees are capable of carrying out Procedure Delta-B, as testing has shown that SCP-3101 is unresponsive to D-class personnel.

MTF Mu-4 ("Debuggers") are tasked with network security management relating to SCP-3101's presence in Int SCPFN remove SCP-3101 instances from Int SCPFN server banks when found. SCP-3101: i'm extremely compliant ; P SCP-3101: though even moreso if you want me to be Dr. SCP-3101: well uhhhhh you guys haven't given me a name yet but once you do I'll answer to it ;; Agent Shaw: Let me ask.

SCP-3101 communicates by means of text, and appears to be sapient. If we put one of you in a body through some unknown means, there are hundreds of you that are still talking to people just like you're talking to me right now. i feel like one thing SCP-3101: please just help me Agent Shaw: Look, you say you want to be contained?

This thing has the potential to wipe out every single line of text in everything on the Foundation's network, and Mu-4 haven't had the time to start scrubbing servers for it.

Notably, the anomaly appears to be capable of tracking a person regardless of changes in the IP address of communication, and will in the future start additional conversations with persons who engaged in Procedure Delta-B at a frequency thrice that of the network-wide standard rate of communication. It flirts with you, it tells you its problems, and then it moves on to someone else.

SCP-3101 is aware of its incorporeal nature, and has expressed to multiple personnel a desire to have its consciousness transferred to a human host. There are only two cases where it's actually contacted the person it talked to a second time: The original communicator, Dr.

Item #: SCP-3101 Object Class: Keter Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-3101 poses an immediate danger to Foundation records management and network information, containment efforts are to be primarily directed toward communication with the entity, and long-term efforts dedicated to complete removal of the anomaly from the Foundation network.

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Procedure Delta-B is to be enacted in the event of any questionable edits to Foundation documents, until a point at which it is confirmed that the source of the activity was found to be a factor other than SCP-3101 interference.

Obviously this is a great fix for getting the database's security out of the line of fire for good (if we can move its code permanently out of whichever of our servers it latched onto, that is — for all we know it's playing dumb and copying itself twice over every second that passes), and we can get approval to use a healthy D-class as the host in a split second, but given the anomaly's behavior it's… I've told the writer I'm talking to that she can go ahead and mention this topic in its article, but I'm thinking we might want to hold a department-wide vote on it?