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22-Sep-2019 08:08

It is highly unlikely that if your register is a nickel plated register, that it will be completely one color under the nickel plate.

This is because when National was putting their registers together, when they got a batch from the foundry that was different colors, National nickel plated the register.

It should look like this: The top number is your serial number. The top tag represents a model 572 that has an electric motor (EL) and has 9 drawers. The other letters you may find are: G – which is the kind of autographic printer that is on your register L – Lights on your register C – A fairly large register with more than one drawer that sits on a cabinet F – A floor model register If this tag is missing, the information might be found on a paper tag on the bottom of the cash drawer.

Please refer to our parts section, we do have the capabilities to make tags. This model number is very important when trying to establish what kind of register you have.

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