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26-Dec-2019 07:41

“A lot of people don’t want to come clean about it.”That number is unverifiable, of course, but it’s not hard to believe, considering matchmakers are often just as busy as their clients, working long, absorbing hours, with little socializing.

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On telephone calls with potential clients and daily simulated dates throughout the city, countless men, and some women, reveal to her their most deep-seated and peculiar relationship needs in the way a patient might divulge his or her unfiltered feelings to a psychotherapist. Spindel recounted in a manner somewhat clinical, the client who asked for a blonde, blue-eyed version of Kim Kardashian, “but a size zero.” (Who wouldn’t?

“If a hot guy comes into the interview, of course I turn red.”Ms.

Laurent said she would never date a client, though.

“I just took the wedding band off,” Carly Spindel said nonchalantly, when we met at a Midtown café on a recent afternoon.

“But in business meetings,” she added, having just come from work, “I always wear one.”As a professional matchmaker, Ms.

It was going great, she said, until he freaked out and disappeared.

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