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A support group for people who were assigned female at birth, who are dysphoric or who once identified as something other than a woman, and are now reconciling with being female and want to heal and process with others of a similar experience. Do you feel like you need to practice self-care on a deeper level?

This group is open to all women who would like to sew with a machine or by hand. Info Karlotta: [email protected] Conversation Exchange. Info: [email protected]’s Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meeting.

All groups and events at the Women’s Center are free and are open to all who identify as women. Other groups may be moved to accessible rooms on request; please call us to inquire. Anna began practicing yoga to help with her scoliosis and marathon training. Info Karlotta: [email protected]*Lesbian & Bi Women’s Discussion Group.

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The only drawback being 'the room', which was certainly too small for such a large and brilliant assemblage...Note: Alphabetical listings of Other Groups: *Straight Marriage, Still Questioning. Come work on your own beading projects and socialize. If you have done yoga before or if you’re brand new to it, we encourage to you to try it out and see what happens. Earring Designs: Reinvented and Recycled by Vivalashiekh Designs! 5-pm Create your own one of a kind earring design with Elizabeth from Vivalashiekh Designs. We invite you to join in community with others who survive and thrive with endo. Although pre-registration is not required, if you can please e-mail Isabella to let her know you are coming, or call the Women's Center (617-354-6394).