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In March, Coronilla went to the Travis County courthouse for what, before Trump’s election, would likely have been a quick misdemeanor hearing.

Travis was a “sanctuary jurisdiction,” meaning that the sheriff there declined to honor most federal detention requests agents in Travis County had suddenly appeared in the courthouse.

In early 2016, as the director of the Global Migration Project, at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, I set out, with a dozen graduate students, to create a record of people who had been deported to their deaths or to other harms—a sort of shadow database of the one that the Trump Administration later compiled to track the crimes of “alien offenders.” We contacted more than two hundred local legal-aid organizations, domestic-violence shelters, and immigrants’-rights groups nationwide, as well as migrant shelters, humanitarian operations, law offices, and mortuaries across Central America. And we gathered the stories of immigrants who had endured other harms—including kidnapping, extortion, and sexual assault—as a result of deportations under Obama and Trump. Nelson had fled the country at seventeen, after receiving gang threats. An “His life is in danger,” Ana Lopez wrote, begging U. Survivors of the fire alleged that it was set intentionally, perhaps as an act of gang retaliation, and that the guards had done little to help the men as they screamed and burned to death in their cells.

As the database grew to include more than sixty cases, patterns emerged. We discovered, too, how minor missteps—a traffic violation or a workplace dispute—can turn lethal for unauthorized immigrants.

Now they were heading home, and giving two of Laura’s friends a ride, with a quick detour for hamburgers.

Elizabeth said that, as they neared the highway, a cop flashed his lights at them.

Gangs had overrun his home town in Mexico, and deportees were prime targets for crime, since they were presumed to have money. Three months later, gunmen woke him from the bed where he slept with his young son.

According to the Austin , he tried to soothe the boy, saying, “Don’t worry, my love.” His body was found about forty miles away, filled with bullets. “Now I have to prepare for his funeral.”In the years following the Second World War, the United Nations established a principle of international law known as non-refoulement, or non-return, which forbids the removal of asylum seekers to countries where they are likely to be tortured or killed.

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Coronilla’s wife begged a federal judge to spare her husband.Tell him she can be a mother without him.” Still, Sergio haunted her.