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14-Jan-2020 21:55

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One hundred years ago today, Will James was lynched as a murderer in Cairo, Illinois.

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The white people of Cairo have always dealt indulgently with the negro.

Yet this negro population, coddled as it is, is a constant menace to the town.

No white woman dare venture outside of the house at night alone for fear of assault.

Many outrages of which the world has never heard have been attempted. 14, 1909 That electric arch and celebratory mob are now long gone from Cairo: in the century since Will James was butchered, Cairo, Ill., has withered — striken in part by its own poisonous legacy of racism.

This is why, as Mayor Parsons says, the effect of the recent lynching will be “salutary.” Altogether it is not surprising that a lynching took place in Cairo. (Also by flooding from the adjacent rivers, the routing of transportation corridors elsewhere, and the general deindustrialization of the heartland.) During the civil rights struggle as played out in Cairo in the 1960’s and 1970’s (more in this pdf), the town’s white business owners made a name for themselves by refusing to integrate their workforces in response to black boycotts …For years it has been the policy to keep two negroes on the small police force, and there have been negro Justices of the Peace.