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24-Jan-2020 11:28

Rear Admiral Alex Burton said that a fleet of anti-submarine warships was already less reliable than it should be after a shortage of money delayed the timely purchase of replacements.

A reduction in repair and maintenance support for ships, coupled with a smaller fleet had meant that the Royal Navy was less able to deploy around the globe today than eight years ago, even though the threat had grown. then we will have a compromised insurance policy and our ability to stand…

The decision to drop it from the Section, which has been and is likely to be subject of much discussion and criticism, is due to a perceived ineffectiveness of the weapon in her role of suppressing the enemy.

During the tests of PCE Year 1, the LMG performed poorly: it was determined that 70% of the rounds fired not only missed but did so by such a distance that they did not suppress the adversary.

The British Army employs the short-barreled “para” configuration and it was thought that an upgrade might significantly improve the results.

However, ITDU assessed that the change of barrel did not help the LMG.

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In 2011, the Magpul Industries polymer-made EMAG magazine to replace the previous, heavier steel one, achieving a considerable weight saving (from 249 grams to 130), with a million magazines on order over a 4-year period.

With the end of combat operations in Afghanistan, the army has been busy trying to craft the way forwards for the infantry platoons and navigating the way between UORs, UORs taken into core and long-term solutions.

After numerous reports in the last few years, it seems that the time has truly come for the British Army sections to say goodbye to the L110A2/3 LMG, based on the ubiquitous Minimi used in many countries.

A mobility platform is needed to ensure the platoon carries what it needs and can rapidly get back to higher-level Combat Service Support for resupply.

In theory, project ATLAS was meant to be open to every kind of solution, including a return to pack animals.

The final recommendation was to remove it from the Section.