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I'm sure there will be conversations amongst the fans, where some will be happy and some won't be happy at all. It was challenging only because there's a lot of love for Josh Kelly and a lot of love for that character, so even though it made sense storytelling-wise, we really had to talk and say, "Are we really OK without having him a part of the fabric?

" It did feel, storytelling-wise, that that was the honest and right thing to do.

Are things on slightly more stable ground for the two? Chet's worked hard this season, in terms of his own personal growth.

We've always felt that there's an undeniable love story between Chet and Quinn, as messed up as it is and flawed as it is.

, comes to fruition when uber-producer Quinn (Constance Zimmer) lets her out for good.

It should be a moment of relief for Rachel, who's spent the entire season trying to prove to Quinn -- through suitress Serena ('s Caitlin Fitz Gerald) -- that she's capable of being loved in spite of her age, success and power.

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"It makes her question everything that she has done as she has gone on this personal journey with him this season, and that includes cutting ties with her family.She's incredibly conflicted about being there, hates herself for the work she does there and yet feels very empowered.

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