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Then select “Oracle Golden Gate on Oracle Media Pack for Linux x86-64″ and since we are installing this for an Oracle 11g database, we download “Oracle Golden Gate V10.4.0.x for Oracle 11g 64bit on Red Hat 5.0″ $ unzip V18159-01Archive: V18159-01inflating: ggs_redhat AS50_x64_ora11g_64bit_v10.4.0.19_002$tar -xvof ggs_redhat AS50_x64_ora11g_64bit_v10.4.0.19_002$ export PATH=$PATH:/u01/oracle/ggs $ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/lib:/u01/oracle/ggs $ ggsci Oracle Golden Gate Command Interpreter for Oracle Version Build 002 Linux, x64, 64bit (optimized), Oracle 11 on Sep 17 2009 Copyright (C) 1995, 2009, Oracle and/or its affiliates. GGSCI (redhat346.localdomain) 1 CREATE SUBDIRS Creating subdirectories under current directory /u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1 Parameter files /u01/oracle/ggs/dirprm: created Report files /u01/oracle/ggs/dirrpt: created Checkpoint files /u01/oracle/ggs/dirchk: created Process status files /u01/oracle/ggs/dirpcs: created SQL script files /u01/oracle/ggs/dirsql: created Database definitions files /u01/oracle/ggs/dirdef: created Extract data files /u01/oracle/ggs/dirdat: created Temporary files /u01/oracle/ggs/dirtmp: created Veridata files /u01/oracle/ggs/dirver: created Veridata Lock files /u01/oracle/ggs/dirver/lock: created Veridata Out-Of-Sync files /u01/oracle/ggs/dirver/oos: created Veridata Out-Of-Sync XML files /u01/oracle/ggs/dirver/oosxml: created Veridata Parameter files /u01/oracle/ggs/dirver/params: created Veridata Report files /u01/oracle/ggs/dirver/report: created Veridata Status files /u01/oracle/ggs/dirver/status: created Veridata Trace files /u01/oracle/ggs/dirver/trace: created Stdout files /u01/oracle/ggs/dirout: created We then need to create a database user which will be used by the Golden Gate Manager, Extract and Replicat processes.

We can create individual users for each process or configure just a common user – in our case we will create the one user GGS_OWNER and grant it the required privileges.

4/5/2018 UPDATE: Hello everyone; I have pulled the Amazon Prime code out of retirement and am giving you guys the updates you asked for! This version has a bunch of changes – including a new video player/remote control proxy based on my Netflix work; fixes for My Movies and My TV Series views; updated branding and a bunch of code improvements.

This version removes the Mongoose web server components and is no longer affected by those pesky incompatible Windows Updates.

We also need to enable supplemental logging at the database level otherwise we will get this error when we try to start the Extract process – 2010-02-08 GGS ERROR 190 No minimum supplemental logging is enabled.

This may cause extract process to handle key update incorrectly if key column is not in first row piece. SQL ALTER DATABASE ADD SUPPLEMENTAL LOG DATA (ALL) COLUMNS; Database altered Coming Next!

He was kind enough to let me take over the development of the project and I hope to bring you a great Amazon/Media Center integrated experience. Simply – it is an add-in for Windows Media Center that allows you to stream Movies and TV shows from the Amazon Instant Video Library.

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Before I took this project over Gareth had laid down the framework for the Purchase/Rent buttons and parsing those types of offers.I have put compatibility settings in to force Silverlight in most cases.DMZ did a nice write-up on the Addin – check it out! I inherited this solution from Gareth Barr – who did a fantastic job with it. The first thing to realize is that most e-books have two tables of contents.

DOCX files from Microsoft Word 2007 and newer are supported.

HOW TO INSTALL Download the addin to your Windows 7 Media Center PC.