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04-Oct-2019 16:56

I live in a small town in a beautiful country called Finland.

I also drink a lot of booze and I'm usually brutally honest to people if they want to hear my opinions about stuff.

I love most music (especially rock like hendrix, edm, and hip hop), sports, movies (I'm a film student), photography, Disney (obviously), and a lot more things I'm not putting here.

Shoot me a pm if that sounds like you i'm not great at being human so i fail to do the simple task of talking to people in real life that's why i'm depending on this subreddit to make new friends.

I know there has to be someone I can connect with in the area.

Looking to find someone who’s goofy like I am and love to just explore.

I'm Finnish so that means I open up slowly because I'm cute like that.

All in all, I'm just looking for people that are from around the globe to share opinions and conversations with me.

I'm just kind of overwhelmed and lonely at the moment, and could use someone to talk to.I guess I am looking for the cliche "something more" but tbh, I'm not the kinda guy to knock back meetin new people and making friends anyway so say hi! My interests are, but not limited to travelling (I do travel a lot), camping, nature, games (Sports, board games, card games, you name it.), music ( I play the trumpet and various other instruments) and discussing cultural differences and habits. I'm blond haired, short as a stick (1,7m or 5'7 exactly), reasonably healthy and single.I won’t hold you to any standards that I won’t hold myself to, so don’t be afraid to message me if you’re interested! Maybe I should begin with my interests, for the sake of having something to connect through.

Feel free to contact me via pm/chat - I’m looking forward to getting to know you! I'm a gamer [PC and PS4], a huge music lover [can send you my if you want to see my taste in music], have a somewhat big movie collection and follow a bunch of TV shows, animals I love a lot, just like being out walking in the woods or on the beach, would love to travel the world and attend festivals and amusement parks, crazy about ice hockey while I'm watching motorsports over the summer break.

And if you have anything you want to learn about Finland I will teach you all about the home of the depressed and drunk.