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There she meets the Cullens, where one, in particular, captures her interest- Edward Cullen, and Stefan meets Elena. The war was over, her fight finished, or so she thought.

Throw in a vengeful brother, a family of bunny eating vampires and a handful of enemies. Isa, the fourth child of Esther Mikaelson, has gone to save her true love in some fantastic fairytale, Katrina Petrova, more commonly known as Katherine Pierce from the fiendish villains known as the Volturi, a trade for 3 Cold Ones for Love. Hazel betrayed by her friends, locked away, but for how long? Vampire Diaries x Harry Elena's friends from Rosewood move to Mystic Falls, Elena struggles to keep the girls from Rosewood from knowing the truth about the supernatural world and from the mystic falls gang from finding out about 'A' Bad summery- Better story A remake of 'Returning to Rosewood. Delena, Steroline, Ezria, Haleb, Spoby, possibly emision. When most of the supernatural world wants her dead, who can she trust? When the Nogitsune takes over Stiles, it sheds light onto a secret that Stiles has kept to himself for longer then he can even remember.

After all, what would a man who will never die know about making peace with death?

This is a Twilight/Vampire Diaries crossover Bella is Tyler Lockwood's half sister and she discovers this after a horrible accident changes her life forever.

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Considering the fact that he was immortal, Bella couldn't find it in herself to care too much about his opinion.

Bella arrives in Forks but not alone or as human as in the original.

She is a recently turned vampire who follows her friend Stefan too Forks.

With her Mother dead and her Father tortured with guilt and regret, she is essentially left parent-less, until her Aunt Rebekah takes her in. delena/clace How they are all connected we don't know. They give her up, with the promise one day she could come home. She heads to Mystic Falls to hang with her cousins and friends for a while but what messes have they gotten themselves into?

Now Hope is 15 and they are returning to New Orleans for the summer before she attends the Salvatore boarding school. She knows she's a witch but what if she's a little something more?

But things won't go smoothly, and there will always be threats. What's her connection to Klaus and Silas and is she really ready to invite someone else into her heart again?

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