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28-Nov-2019 08:04

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I trusted her and we went almost a full year with no problems but she knew I would not approve a relationship with a close friend so she did it behind my back. BTW, while it sound hot to have your wive taken by friends, it does not go like you think. If they do, are you going to say "but you can't, it was a rule"?

They think less of you and call your wife a slut behind your back. Get real, you can HOPE they don't, and they can go into it not wanting/looking for it, but past that it is a stupid rule.

I nodded my approval but they did not want to have sex all together. None even wanted to have intercourse with her as they feared she may be diseased. That was bad enough but then I caught her having sex with one of those guys, the ugliest shortest of the bunch.

Really treated women like sluts but that is what she liked.

What it means to "fall in love" is ill-defined, and means different things at different times.Better to acknowledge that she will likely experience some degree of "puppy love", "crush", or "new love energy".